Truth, Courage, Commitment


What is the single most important issue we face?

Human nature and an unwillingness to confront it.

People are naturally predatory, greedy, devious, ignorant, lazy, or distracted. Or all of the above.

There are many processes in place to mitigate these. But Political Correctness ignores those behaviors and processes, resulting in the exact opposite of what it intends to achieve.

The issue is not between haves and haves not. It is between doers and doers not.

Edmund Burke, Thomas Jefferson, and a host of earlier leaders have reaffirmed in a host of different ways:

Evil does exist. All that it needs to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

Speaking out effectively requires finding the truth, having the courage to speak out and defend it, and making a commitment to not ever surrender to evil.

The really cool thing about dealing only with the truth is that it sets you free:

You don’t ever have to worry about what people think, you don’t ever need to look over your shoulder to see who might find you out. You know the truth, you say it, and you live it. Job done.

You’ve done your job. God will take care of the rest.

This site does this for us all: we all win or we all lose.

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