Meta Data

There are a zillion ideas out there. How do we make sense of them all?

We make sense of them by recognizing the existence of metadata: Fundamental concepts that envelope all other data.

The neat thing about metadata is that it is immutable: It cannot be changed. It is what it is and you must deal with it.

And if you do not deal with it then nothing else works.

So, first things first: the metadata.

There are two fundamental metadata:

That’s it. It is that simple. Take any thought you wish. It is either a fact or an opinion.

  • Facts are ideas that can be proven or demonstrated and measured in a deliberate manner.
  • Opinions are everything else. Opinions are like other body parts. Everybody has them.

– Feelings are clinically a subset of opinions.

The rest of this site will deal primarily with facts.

In particular, we address a subset of the Facts metadata:


However, like anyone else, we have our own opinions. In particular, we fervently believe that:

Political Correctness shall be the death of us all

So, pay attention, speak up, and stop being nice when people are trying to eat your lunch.