Sing it as Written

I am a member of a choir. Great fun.

But it is a model of the human interactions in all these different issues we face.

For example:

There is always the control freak. If you are off pitch by half a flat or a sixteenth of a beat behind s/he will glower at you like you’ve murdered Mother Theresa or something, or poke you in the ribs. And they are always offering a tissue and telling you where to sit or where stand in line.

That’s okay, I just ignore them and vow privately to do better.

But what drives me nuts are the secret codes. I’m reading and singing the music, “as written” and other people are glowering at me and poking me in the ribs.


“Well, that’s not the way we do it…”

Look dude: If you want to have me play, then you simply are going to have to tell me the rules. I flunked Mind Reading 101 ages ago.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is Political Correctness and Good Ol’ Boy tactics. And I will not have either.

Either sing it as written, or change the score, and then sing it as written.

Once again, rule sets, processes, and procedures established over many years by many people trying to make life as good as it can be in general for everyone.

We can change those rules, but only at the same cost in blood, sweat, and tears that it took to put them in place in the first place.

So in the meantime, just follow the rules.

Sing it as written.”

We all win or we all lose.

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