The Bell Curve


So, what is it with you and this bell-shaped curve?

Look. It’s easy:

God loves us all and wants us all to be as happy as we can be. Some of us have more skills in some areas, while others have more skills in other areas.

And some of us have less skills in any.

No matter.

Whatever our qualities may be, we should all try to do the best we can with what we have.

The curve, and the starburst at the top, represents that principle:

The “bell” curve is a well known phenomenon that appears whenever you randomly aggregate data on any particular parameter over a sufficiently large (it only takes about 20 samples or so) sample set.

Here it is in plain English: Given a sufficiently large (more than around 20) sample set of any particular “population” (group of people) who are measured for any particular parameter e.g., height, weight, or body smell 🙂 you will find that the measurements tend to fit a “Normal Distribution”: The bell shaped curve.

What this means is, DUH, we are all different.

And we should delight in our individuality, indeed our “differentness”.

Most of us will be sort of the same, so will live in the middle of the curve, but there are another bunch of people who live at either of the “tails”: the pieces at the left and right of the curve.

These people especially need to be appreciated, because political correctness will favor those in the middle.

You just cannot get away from it. It is a fact of life, albeit a poorly understood fact of life.

So, what?

The “so, what” is that Political Correctness tries to flatline the curve.

Indeed, that is what “democracy” tries to do.

But that is not fair because some of us live on the edges and are equally (and sometimes more) as valued by God and any rational society as all those people in the middle.

And that is why the United States Constitution (a historically uniquely rational manifestation of society on a par only with the Magna Carta)  is written so as not to include, anywhere  in the main body or any of its amendments, either the word democracy or community.

Because both of these words represent the tyranny of the proletariat.

I leave this as an exercise for the student to prove me wrong.

In the meantime, what to do?

Well, those of us on the margins have two choices: try to move to the middle, or just carry on.

Let’s consider the consequences. Arguably we all win or we all lose:

If you are a member of a lower margin and you attempt to move to the middle, you will mathematically raise the mean score, and the bell curve will move north (to the right).

And we will all win.

If you live at the higher margin and you attempt to move to the middle you will mathematically lower the mean score, and the bell curve will move south (to the left).

And we all lose.

But if we live at the upper margin, and invite others to join us, and behave in a manner to enable that, then the mean moves north.

And again, we all win.

So, OK, all you rational, logical, and unemotional non-politically correct boys and girls, what does that say?

This is not rocket science. This is irrefutable mathematical fact:

Do the best you can with what you have. That way Everybody Wins!!!

Political correctness is the antithesis of this: It tells people at the lower margins to accept their fate (There, there, you’re ok, everyone is ok, I’m just as good as you), thereby maintaining (at best) or lowering the mean, while pressuring people at the upper margins to move to the middle, thereby lowering the mean. So everybody loses.

On the other hand, doing the best you can with what you have raises the mean. So everybody wins.

TBTG, many people, including the U.S. Navy, The U. S. Marine Corps, and Police, Fire, and emergency service organizations all over the country, have figured this out and institutionalized it: a culture of excellence.

The point here is: anyone can join.

All you have to do to be a member is do the best you can with what you have.

Live at the top end, and invite everyone else to join. If they will.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and invite and teach others to do the same.

It’s easy when you know how.


That, ladies and gentlemen (and yes, Virginia, there is a difference) is why I am against Political Correctness.

Purely rational and mathematically factual logic.

PC is a loser. We all lose.

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